Man -V- Horse Race

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Man -V- Horse Race


Sunday 8th May 2011 at 11.00am


Moat Farm Donard » See our location HERE




Donard Equestrian Club:

Donard Equestrian Club are a voluntary organisation and run at least 15 events in each year which involves horse trecking in the Donard, Glen of Imall area of West Wicklow. These events are used to collect funds for local and national charities.To date we have paid over a €160.000.00 to these organisations.

We have selected two charities for this event one representing the human side and one representing the animal side as the race involves both athletes.

  1. Our Lady's Hospital for Sick Children, Crumlin
  2. Kildare West Wicklow S.P.C.A.
Sponsorship card

The event involves man and woman racing against horse. The race commences with the horse starting 20mins ahead of man/woman over a 30km distance-2 circuits of 15km.The circuit can be run as a relay team with each member running 7.5km approx. After the first circuit the horse must stop for a compulsary veterinary check and rest of 20 minutes. If the horse fails the vet test he cannot rejoin the race.

Entries will consist of the following:

Horse and rider (30km) Entry Fee: €25.00
Individual runner (30km) Entry Fee: €25.00
Relay teams of 2 (15km per runner) Entry Fee: €50.00 per team
Relay teams of 4 (7.5km per runner) Entry Fee: €80.00 per team

Trophies for winners and places in each category:

We have kept our entry fees as low as possible so we can ask you to try and get personal sponsorship for the event. To help you with this we are attaching sponsorship cards to help you raise additional funds from your friends. The target we would like you to achieve is €40. This money should be paid to the organising committe on the day of the event.

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