Man -V- Horse Race

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General Course Description


Distance: 30km

This is made of a loop of 15km which is to be completed twice. This course will be marked in a manner which will make it easy for people to follow the track.
Runners will start in Donard Village and horses in the Moat Farm. The course starts at 180 metres above sea level and rises to 260 metres approximately at the midway point.


Man -V- Horse Race

A description of the course is shown below:

Marked on Map as: Distance: Distance: Description:
Start to A – Horses
(Newtown Forest Gate)
2.2 km 2.2 km Farm Track, Grass and Tarmacadam

Start to A – Runners
(Newtown Forest Gate)
2.2 km 2.2 km Tarmacadam

A to B
Murphy’s Gate – Fauna – All
6.1 km 8.3k Forest Trail
  Relay Change Point
B to C
John Hussey’s Gate – All
3.4 km 11.7 k Forest Trail
C to D
Eric Hambidge’s Gate – All
1.2km 12.9km Grass Land

D to finish
2.1km 15 km Farm Track
Horses Break Runners Start Loop Again


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