Man -V- Horse Race

Telephone: +353 1 716 3668

Instructions for Runners

  1. Runners must run on left hand side of the track
  2. Athletes cannot bunch and must run in single file.
  3. Athletes to arrive at venue by 11.30
  4. Athletes will start from the village at 12.20pm
  5. The athletes will cover a 15 km course twice. They finish their first loop and
  6. start their second loop in Moat Farm – (Not in Village)
  7. There will be waterpoints on the course.
  8. Relay teams will change baton at 8.3km, 15km and 23.3km.
  9. Children must be at least 14 years old to compete.

Instructions for Horses and Riders

  1. Horses must pass runners on right hand side
  2. Horses cannot bunch and must run in single file
  3. Children must be at least 14 to compete and those 16 and under must be accompanied by a mounted adult on the course.
  4. The horses are to arrive at the venue which is Moat Farm, Donard, by 11am.
  5. There will be a compulsory vet inspection for each horse before rider receives competition number / bib.
  6. The race will commence at 12 midday. The last start time for horses will be 12.10.
  7. The horses will cover a 15km course twice.
  8. There is one compulsory dismount which is required in the interest of safety. This is marked as X on the map and will be signposted on the day.
  9. On completion of the first loop there will be a veterinary inspection. Horses must present with a heart rate 64 beats or lower per minute and must be deemed fit to continue. There will be a compulsory 30 minute rest for the horses which starts when the vet is notified that the horse is ready for presentation. 30 minutes will be subtracted from the total time the horse takes to complete the course and so the rest period will not impact on the total ride time. There will be people available to help riders with this vetting procedure for those that need it.
  10. The loop should be repeated.
  11. The clock stops when the horses pass the finish line upon completion of the second loop.
  12. The horse must be presented to the vet within a half hour of arriving at finish with a heart rate lower than 64 beats per minute. The vet must pass the horse sound in order to achieve a successful race completion.

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